What To Know About Anti Wrinkle Injections

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As modern medicine continues to evolve, the fight to maintain a youthful appearance only grows more popular. At first the answer was expensive plastic surgery. However thankfully science has evolved so that we can quite easily solve many of our aging woes by relatively painless, less evasive and more affordable means. For everyone interested in a semi permanent solution to those pesky frown lines, laughter lines and crows feet here is what you should know. Anti wrinkle injections are grouped into two main options, namely fillers and Botox. Fillers are capable of filling deep folds and padding out cheeks and under eye areas that are hollow. It’s also a popular choice for getting those fuller set of lips. The materials associated with fillers used to be collagen, but this is quickly being replaced with hyaluronic acid. Using the filler option can last anywhere between 12 and 18 months, depending on the synthetic materials that are used. However, if fat extract from other parts of the body is used it could last a few years. Although it should be said that fat is gradually absorbed into the body, so it’s not truly a permanent effect. Get ready for some pain and bruising, because the injections do sting a little depending on the patient and area. It’s the permanent fillers that typically come with side-effects, but for the most part the problems have been limited to allergic reactions, bruising and infection. Botox or Dysport is the other option a person has and they are probably the most popular choice at the moment. This injection is going to relax the muscles and prevent the skin from creasing or wrinkling. It’s one of the most effective answers for lines around the eyes, forehead and neck. Those who prefer Botox will see the effects last for about 3 to 4 months, although it could last longer with on-going treatment. In terms of pain, it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as filler injections. A quick pain can be expected, much like that of ant bite. The reason why Botox is the more popular choice is mainly due to the price difference and it’s less evasive. However, Botox doesn’t come without side-effects, such as face pain, redness, drooping eyelids and even some bruising. It’s important to understand that anti wrinkle injections are only predictable up to a point. For some it’s going to work without any problems or discomfort, while others might not like the results at all. Only use a reputable professional to handle the injections and make sure to know everything that comes with the treatment. The Dublin Skin Clinic offers professional anti aging skin care advice. If you have particular concerns regarding premature aging then please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to talk through your concerns and discuss solutions with you.


What Is Microdermabrasion Skin Resurfacing?

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When it comes to creating the perfect look, many people imagine how nice it is to have smooth skin that completely exudes youth and beauty after treatment. There are many different cosmetic treatments that can help create this effect, and one that is gaining popularity is microdermabrasion. This is any cosmetic process that uses very light scraping to take off the surface layer of dried, old, and damaged skin to allow smooth and fresh skin underneath to shine through. Microdermabrasion skin resurfacing actually comes in many forms and although the description sounds kind of intense or over the top with “tiny glass crystals sandblasting the skin” but in truth it isn’t nearly as intense a procedure as that description seems to indicate. Often this treatment is paired with a chemical peel or followed up with a facial that helps soothe and refresh the new skin. This combination isn’t necessary per se, however many providers find it is a great combination treatment that gets the most out of both. What You Can Expect These treatments need to be thorough and the process does take a little bit of time. On average it takes 45 to 60 minutes depending on the exact method used, the amount of area that needs to be covered, and if there are any follow up facials or other treatments that are given in conjunction. There might be minor stinging, the feeling of a little bit of heat from the friction process and this can last for a few hours after the initial treatment. This is actually pretty normal and red skin might follow for a few days afterwards however after that time you will notice clearly improved skin both in color, smooth texture, and youthful overall appearance. This combination creates a very good look that many individuals appreciate. While some people have moved on to cosmetic laser surgery to attempt to get the same effect, and there are those that prefer it, there’s something about the traditional old school method that really works for many patients. In Conclusion When it comes to getting the smooth skin look you want, there are plenty of different ways to get there. While some people prefer to go cosmetic and just cover up the problems instead of treating them, and others choose to go with another treatment, it’s hard to argue with the benefits that this type of skin treatment brings. The Dublin Skin Clinic offers specialised anti aging skincare advice. If you have concerns about aging then give us a call or visit our website


Try Facial Exercises For Better Toning

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Many people are surprised to learn that there are many facial exercises that work like “facial yoga.” They are designed specifically to work out the muscles all throughout a person’s face and help create stronger features that also give a more youthful appearance. The following are just a few of the exercises you can use for that younger and more vital look. The Eye Squeeze You need to open you mouth wide, pulling your lower lip down like the face on the Scream mask. Then pull your mouth to the left and blink that eye 10 times. Repeat with the other side of the face. You want to do 3 sets of 10, then rest, then do another 3 sets of 10. This will help tighten the skin around the eyes, and avoids wrinkles. Inside Tongue This exercise helps strengthen the skin around the jaw line and can help avoid the forming of a double chin. You stick your tongue all the way out of your mouth like when you were a kid, then after you hold for a couple seconds stop. With your mouth shut take the tip of your tongue and stretch it up and forward to the upper roof of your mouth. Do two sets of ten, then take a break before doing another two sets of ten. This is a powerful exercise for shaping the face over time. The OO-EE Exercise This exercise is fun, and involves opening your mouth while pursing your lips together – but your teeth shouldn’t touch. Then you want to mouth saying “OO” and then “EE” in overly exaggerated motions that really stretch out the skin and muscles to make this more than just a goofy little game, but one of the more powerful toning facial exercises that is out there. In Conclusion While many people just assume that as they age their face is going to sag, or develop an unsightly appearance but there are muscles in the face just like in any other part of the body and working them out can lead to tighter firmer skin, better muscle structure, and just an overall healthier and more youthful looking face. Don’t settle for a second rate look when just a few minutes a day can have such huge results. By practicing the exercises that were outlined in this article, it will only be a matter of weeks until you see the results with a younger looking face! The Dublin Skin Clinic offers dedicated anti aging skincare services. If you have concerns about fine lines then give us a call on 01 539 4948


A Brief Guide On Lip Enhancement

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Lip enhancement which is also known as lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that gives you fuller and plumper lips. Lips lose shape and volume due to a variety of factors including age. Lip enhancement can help you in getting your youthful look back. There are a number of ways in which lip enhancement can be addressed. Some of the methods include lip implants, fat transfer, fillers as well as laser lip procedures among others. All these methods of lip enhancement have their own pros and cons. It is important to talk about the risks associated with a method along with various other things with your doctor to choose the right procedure for lip enhancement. Lip implants have been popular but have fallen on the wayside due to popularity of the other enhancement procedures such as lip fillers. Since implants involves an invasive procedure, these have a greater risk of complications as compared to the other procedures. There are saline lip implants, silicone lip implants as well as fat transfer that can be used to enhance the shape and volume of lips. Lip lift is also a popular procedure that helps in permanent tightening of saggy skin. This procedure lifts the lip naturally exposes more of the pink vermilion of the lip. Most of the time, this procedure is performed as part of a face-lift instead of a stand-alone procedure. Lip injections are also gaining a lot of popularity these days as these are not complicated and help in creating more youthful contours. The whole treatment takes less than an hour depending on the filler and number of injection sites. Many doctors recommend Hyaluronic acid fillers. Hyaluronic acid fillers help in creating plumper lips within a few minutes. The effect of filler may last up to 6 months. It is recommended to stay away from permanent injections as the end result may be disastrous in the long term. Also, if there are any complications in the procedure, it may cost a lot more to get your lips surgically corrected. Permanent fillers should also be avoided as these have the potential for bumps, lumps, and unevenness in lips. As far as the cost is concerned, it usually ranges from $500-$2000. While almost anyone can take advantage of various lip enhancement procedures, you may not be the right candidate in case you suffer from diabetes, lupus, blood clotting issues as well as oral herpes or other infection. It is also important to find the right doctor to perform the procedure as the end result depends a lot on the skill of the doctor. The Dublin Skin Clinic offers expert anti aging skin care assistance. If you are concerned regarding premature aging then give us a call or visit our web site


Read This Before Getting Anti-Wrinkle Injections

There are many people who are constantly trying to fight Father Time. One way that they do this is by getting anti-wrinkle injections on various parts of their bodies. Before you head out, hop on a table and get any treatments, you need to read the following information. The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of treatments you want to get. Are you interested in fillers being placed into your lips to get rid of lines, or would you prefer to join the masses and give Botox a try? Once you determine which treatments you like, it will be easier to find the best possible provider. You should never allow cost to be a deciding factor when trying to decide which type of treatment to get and what provider to select. While everyone does not have an unlimited cash flow, trying to be too frugal can result in treatments that are not as favorable as you would have hoped for. On the flip side, it is very possible to get treatments for a moderate cost, so you should not overextend yourself by paying far more than you can comfortably afford. Always check the qualifications of any provider you are considering. While it may seem perfectly acceptable to head to someone who is not overly experienced since this is not a surgical procedure, this is not the case at all. Only licensed, qualified medical professionals will know how to provide a sterile environment where you can receive your treatments without incident. While there is technically no way to turn back the clock and make yourself younger, it is possible to keep wrinkles away for a bit longer. Make sure that you consider all of this information before moving forward and getting treatments. The Dublin Skin Clinic offers expert anti aging skincare assistance. If you have particular concerns regarding premature aging then give us a call or visit our site


Sun Damage, Smoking and Your Skin!


Did you know that your skin is your body’s biggest organ? It sure is and it is important to take care of this organ to keep it as healthy and as vibrant as possible. Continue reading to learn some helpful tips that will give you the best skin ever. Sun protection is crucial. Too much exposure to the sun can cause premature wrinkling and age spots, along with other skin problems. Not only that, but too much exposure to the sun’s rays puts you at an increased risk of skin cancer.


Top tips for better skin


Is your skin looking duller than usual. Are you suffering from the signs of aging or sun damage? Changes in the weather, indoor heating, stress and other lifestyle factors could be affecting the quality of your skin too. To help improve the appearance of your skin we recommend trying the following; Drink more water. At least 4/5 pints a day is necessary to replenish lost hydration each day. Get more sleep. Our body repairs damage to cells while we sleep so it is vital to the quality of your skin that you are getting good quality sleep for at least 7 hours a night. Eat lots of brightly coloured fruit and veg. The more coloured the skin is the higher the concentration of Vitamin A & E which we all know are vital antioxidants necessary to help protect or skin and health in general. Wear sunscreen all year round. Factor 30 in the winter and factor 50 in the summer. It could delay aging by up to 10 years Take some Vitamin D supplements. At Dublin Skin Clinic we specialise in anti aging treatments to treat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeping skin looking youthful and radiant. Our treatments include anti wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, lip fillers, and microdermabrasion.