What To Know About Anti Wrinkle Injections

facial frowns, wrinkles and foldsAs modern medicine continues to evolve, the fight to maintain a youthful appearance only grows more popular. At first the answer was expensive plastic surgery. However thankfully science has evolved so that we can quite easily solve many of our aging woes by relatively painless, less evasive and more affordable means.

For everyone interested in a semi permanent solution to those pesky frown lines, laughter lines and crows feet here is what you should know.

Anti wrinkle injections are grouped into two main options, namely fillers and Botox.

Fillers are capable of filling deep folds and padding out cheeks and under eye areas that are hollow. It’s also a popular choice for getting those fuller set of lips. The materials associated with fillers used to be collagen, but this is quickly being replaced with hyaluronic acid. Using the filler option can last anywhere between 12 and 18 months, depending on the synthetic materials that are used. However, if fat extract from other parts of the body is used it could last a few years. Although it should be said that fat is gradually absorbed into the body, so it’s not truly a permanent effect.

Get ready for some pain and bruising, because the injections do sting a little depending on the patient and area. It’s the permanent fillers that typically come with side-effects, but for the most part the problems have been limited to allergic reactions, bruising and infection.

Botox or Dysport is the other option a person has and they are probably the most popular choice at the moment. This injection is going to relax the muscles and prevent the skin from creasing or wrinkling. It’s one of the most effective answers for lines around the eyes, forehead and neck.

Those who prefer Botox will see the effects last for about 3 to 4 months, although it could last longer with on-going treatment. In terms of pain, it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as filler injections. A quick pain can be expected, much like that of ant bite.

The reason why Botox is the more popular choice is mainly due to the price difference and it’s less evasive. However, Botox doesn’t come without side-effects, such as face pain, redness, drooping eyelids and even some bruising.

It’s important to understand that anti wrinkle injections are only predictable up to a point. For some it’s going to work without any problems or discomfort, while others might not like the results at all. Only use a reputable professional to handle the injections and make sure to know everything that comes with the treatment.

The Dublin Skin Clinic offers professional anti aging skin care advice. If you have particular concerns regarding premature aging then please get in touch with us and we’d be happy to talk through your concerns and discuss solutions with you.

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